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Whether you need someone to help you figure out what marketing activities would work for your business, help get it going, then go away; or someone to pitch in when needed, give me a call.


Since moving to east Texas, on Lake Livingston, I've helped restaurants, retail shops, lawyers, contractors, and non-profit organizations increase visibility, sales or participation by taking advantage of free and low-cost online marketing to get the word out on what they do. 

My gardens attract butterflies and hummers, and my  web and social media content attracts visitors and search engines. With a little graphic or video magic I can show you how to turn your products, services and business stories into visually interesting content for your website, blog, and social media posts.

Email me or give me a call. Let me help you get online.

Shaw Quote on communication

"The single biggest problem with communications is the  illusion that it has taken place."
 ~George Bernard Shaw

Wordcloud on small business communication
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