Beth S Miller, Grandma and Small Business Marketing Coach

Let's eat Grandma.

      Let's eat, Grandma.

With and without a little comma.

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Social media sites pop up faster than weeds. It's hard to know which are good and which should be avoided. What makes best sense for your business? What do you post? Should you use ads?


Let me help you sort it out with a social media marketing plan, It will identify the most appropriate social network for you. Not everyone needs to Twitter or Snap. We'll show you how to create attention getting posts, when to post them, how to preplan your posts.

Whether you’re just getting started, thinking about it, or need a revamp of your social media business pages, I  can get you up and running quickly and efficiently. Working together, we'll come up with a fresh, consistent look and feel on Facebook, or other networks.


I can help you:

  • Attract customers and increase business for very little money

  • Select the best social media networks based on your product or service 

  • Build and manage a connected social media marketing program across multiple networks

  • Create visual content that attracts online customers 

  • Make your social media posts easy to find with keywords and hashtags

  • Engage with your followers